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Stephanie Riegel, Greater Baton Rouge Business Report - "The final chapter in landman’s environmental crusade?"

Stephanie Riegel, Greater Baton Rouge Business Report  - " Legislative Auditor: There’s some merit to land man’s allegations in Bayou Postillion dredging project"

Tristan Baurick, The Times-Picayune  - "Wetland restoration altered to benefit oil and gas, audit finds"

Mike Stag, ABiz - "Whistleblower's verdict overturned by appeals court"

Joe Gyan Jr., The Advocte - "$750,000 whistleblower award against state Department of Natural Resources reversed"

Jim Engster, WRKF - "Dan Collins and his environmental whistle-blower lawsuit"

Stephanie Riegel, Greater Baton Rouge Business Report - "Swamp tale: A landman’s long-running environmental whistleblower suit against the state speaks to larger issues about conflict, controversy and trust in the Atchafalaya Basin"

Michael Stagg, Where the Alligators Roam - "Whistleblowers Can Stop the Looting of Louisiana"

Mike Stagg, ABIZ - "Robert Benoit breaks silence on DNR whistleblower case"

Mike Stagg, The Independent - "Whistleblower reveals ethics complaint against Scott Angelle, Robert Benoit"

Mike Stagg, The Independent - "The first time it’s a mistake. The second time it’s on purpose."

Wynce Nolley, ABIZ - "Oats & Marino Involved in Simultaneous Billing During Whistleblower Suit"

IND Staff, The Independent - "Whistleblower takes to the airwaves"

Michael Stagg, Where the Alligators Roam - "DNR’s Office of Mineral Resources: Where the Oil & Gas Industry Runs Louisiana"

Taryn Phaneuf, Louisiana Record - "Louisiana Department of Natural Resources appeals $750,000 whistleblower verdict"

Wynce Nolley, The Independent - "Landman scores another victory in ongoing whistleblower suit"

Wynce Nolley, The Independent - "Judge denies motion for new trial in Atchafalaya whistleblower suit"

Wynce Nolley & Lamar White Jr. - "Atchafalaya antics alive and well"

Jason Faulk, Sierra Club - "Dan Collins: Whistleblowing the La. DNR on Bayou Postillion"

Ted Griggs, The Advocate - "Jury awards whistleblower $750K"

Chris Chaffin, AAPG - "Bayou Postillion: Phoenix in the Swamp"

Mary Tutwiler & Nathan Stubbs, The Independent - "The Lafayette attorney brokers deals with the state, big land owners, and his own oil and gas partners. Whose side is he on?"


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-Where the Alligators Roam: DNR Mineral Lease Deceptions Revealed in Dan Collins Case



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-Dan Collins and his environmental whistle-blower lawsuit [Scroll down to the 4/2/17 interview and click the play arrow under Dan's picture. The show starts the with interview of Congressmsn Garret Graves. The Dan Collins interview starts 12:20 minutes into the pod cast and lasts about 17 minutes.]

-Bayou Bastards

-Dan Collins with More LA Corruption

-Corrupt Louisiana

-Alligator Podcast: Dan Collins – the Honest Landman

-APFT Dec 30







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